Google is God and social media is going to save the world.

    I’m drinking the Kool-aid, surrendering to the new world order, and re-believing that all things are possible.

    How can I not?

    Susan G. Komen reversed its misguided decision to defund Planned Parenthood with rapid speed and an apology. The poorly-constructed anti-piracy bill never saw the light of legislative day. Even the whisper that J.C. Penny was considering ditching new spokesperson Ellen DeGeneres set the world a-Twitter. And many doubt that any Arab Awakening at all would have occurred without the power of social media.

    Just as Facebook goes public, the public is bringing its power to light. While mainstream media and old school politicians cling to the notion that money alone can buy elections and opinions, there’s a growing kernel of other-believers.
“Sounds like a whisper, don’t you know, they’re talkin’ about a revolution.”

    Grab me an IPhone, sign me up, log me on. Put me in line to this parade of positive change.

    Or at least allow me a sideline-seat where I’ll wildly cheer these children of the Internet. And encourage the actual children I know -who too often seem to believe in little but their right to text, tweet and poke- to join in on the revolution. The power of the pen meets rapid-fire fingertips and the potential of a good message gone viral could be a reboot of all that was right with the 1960s.

The possibilities are limitless.

So for all those of you still “waiting on the world to change” because you don’t believe you have the power, here’s proof positive that you do. Indeed, you do.

    It’s time to seize the day, step up, step in. Make a difference.

    “Finally the tables are starting to turn. Talkin’ about a revolution.”

    And it’s brought to you, as it always has been, through unbridled optimism and the power of protest –bolstered today by the burgeoning might of the incredible Internet.