kidssuckThere is only one of two reasons you’ve clicked here.

1 –You know me or know me personally or by some extension.

2 –In some parental fit of frustration you actually typed the words “Kids Suck” into your computer.

To those of you in category one, thanks.

As for the rest of you –don’t worry, no one is looking over your shoulder. This is one surf search that isn’t going to lead you to a debit or a courtroom drama denial. Your secret is safe with me.

And by the way, you’re not wrong -they do suck.

And I really am sorry about the blog title.


Back up. I call Boston home and as such have to also call myself a Red Sox fan. The logical line from there might take you to guess where my feelings lay on all things Yankees. Suffice it to say that I do jump on the bandwagon at pivotal moments, but I have never bought into the entirety of Steinbrenner’s club as the Evil Empire. More to the point, when I have been lucky enough to be at Fenway in a head-to-head bout, I cringe at the all-consuming chant that makes its way around the stadium with the frequency of the wave. Yankees Suck, Yankees Suck. It isn’t just that I shun profanity. I do –but that’s more a nod to vocabulary variety. A clever quip has always left more of an impression on me than a quick cuss. It’s more that other bit of moralism –good sportsmanship.

Save your groans for what’s coming next. I was also sucked in to the whole Jim-Joyce-bad-call-blown-perfect-game debacle. Sucked in whole. Yes, he made a bad call, but the lesson learned by all those who got to watch that other way sports figures can act was remarkable. Shouldn’t have been, but was.

All that to say –I hate the Yankee chant on a bunch of levels. Hate the chant, hate the sentiment, hate the word.


Kinda felt that coming, didn’t you?

There are times when a swear, a profanity, an expletive, is exactly the right word choice, variety be damned.

Another but.

But I could never have imagined that I, and more specifically, I, when speaking about children, would have come to this. I mean c’mon. Look at the photo. They’re so fucking cute. What could they possibly do that would make you want to swear?

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